We provide services to Developers, Contractors, Local, National Government Departments and Landscape Architects in a variety of Civil, Commercial and Industrial applications. We have rendered services and products for new subdivisions, recreation centers, schools, airports, libraries, athletic complexes, shopping centers, landfills, highway and reservoir projects.
Seed on Earth Wellington is also your commercial and residential lawn and turf specialists for the Wellington region of New Zealand.

The purpose of the mulch is to retain water and make a seed bed for the seeds to sprout and grow. At Seed on Earth Wellington we use only the best products we can get. Typically we use wood mulch with an added tackifier to make it stick to the soil. The wood mulch retains more water and holds to the soil without forming a hard layer that impedes the seeds growth. If you or someone you know have had a bad experience with hydro-mulch, the issues are usually with the materials used.

If you want a beautiful tightly woven residential or commercial lawn talk to us today. Our grass growing system is ideal for control of erosion prone areas and slips. From near vertical slopes to high quality golfing surfaces 'Hydromulching & Hydroseeding Technology' is the most flexible way to beautify your new or established property with great looking grass areas.

Plan your project with the experts in turf establishment, erosion control and dust control with Seed on Earth Wellington.


Expert preparation of all commercial and domestic project with our experience and knowledge of terrains and soil types.


Each project is developed in a time frame and using our experience to ensure that your project is on time and on budget.


The application of the products we use ensures a great finish to all commercial and domestic projects for the best results.


SEED ON EARTH your leading grass company in Wellington


Soils and substrates associated with denuded sites from construction, mining, energy development and other land disturbing activities are inherently lacking in organic matter, nutrients and biological activity essential to sustainable vegetative establishment. Ideally these sites would be covered with several inches (centimeters) of rich fertile topsoil to help develop a reasonable growing medium. However, there is simply not enough suitable or reasonably priced topsoil to ameliorate inhospitable conditions on every site.

Patent-pending ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) has been designed as a topsoil alternative that accelerates the development of depleted soils/substrates with low organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity. ProGanics is not a direct replacement for expensive topsoil, but provides an abundant source of organic matter and soil building components to quickly modify soil chemistry, initiate growth establishment and buildup of the uppermost “O” and “A” soil horizons.

Unlike peat harvested from fragile wetlands, all components of the ProGanics Biotic Soil Media blend are naturally derived and renewable, and engineered to optimize moisture retention, growth and establishment of vegetation. 

  • ProGanics saves time and money where the cost of topsoil is prohibitive
  • ProGanics can be used on challenging sites with difficult access and on steep slopes where topsoil placement is impractical
  • ProGanics is an excellent option when soils are too wet or frozen to dig, transport and spread
  • Quick and easy loading
  • Engineered to shoot smoothly for optimum performance