State Business Insurance – Letter of Currency  

To                                                                  To whom it may concern  

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Date                                                               15 December 2017


State hereby certifies that the following policy has been issued / renewed:

Client / Policy Number                                20096499

Insured                                                           SEED ON EARTH (WGTN) LTD

Cover :                                                            Broadform Liability

Limit of Indemnity                                        $1,000,000

Period From                                                   10 January 2018    To   10 January 2019

I confirm that the insurance is current, valid as at the date of issue or this certificate, that the policy is renewed monthly and is up to date. The renewal of the policy is subject to monthly renewal payment being received and if two consecutive payments are missed the policy will be cancelled.

This certificate is issued in Lieu of the Policy and it hereby grants insurance as detailed above. This insurance is subject to the terms, exceptions, conditions and warranties of the company’s standard form of policy specified as modified by the endorsements and clauses attached or specified hereon, and any extensions detailed hereon. If not attached, a copy of such policy is available by contacting the company on the number below.

Yours faithfully,


Uma Gurudutt

State Business Insurance Consultant

PO Box 3233,

Wellington, New Zealand

0800 80 24 24

Seed on Earth Wellington
PO Box 236
Waikanae 5250.
Ph - (04) 293 4114
Mob. - (0274) 490 385
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