At Seed on Earth Wellington we specialise in establishing grass on soil or soiless house sites. If cost is an issue ir access is difficult we can apply our own "liquid soil" or the American equivalent "Proganics" This method applies 20- 30mm of growing medium. A sufficient amount to establish grass. This methods can save huge amounts of labour and soil replacement.

Our blends can be fine Rye / Fescue, Browntop or harder blends for families with dogs or sports enthiusiasts.

We have a full time managed office.

Seed on Earth Wellington
PO Box 236
Waikanae 5250.
Ph - (04) 293 4114
Mob. - (0274) 490 385
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Based in the Wellington region, we know the local conditions well and can recommend the best solutions for each individual case. Our experienced people pride themselves on the producing the best results for our customers.


Our free quotation service for your home lawn(s), sloping or vertical bank, dust prone area, waterway, land stability project or commercial property will enable you to plan your project and keep it within budget. Site inspection is a necessary part of determining what is required with regard to site preparation, application requirements and advice for ongoing maintenance. We have provided an online form to fill in to send us your   lawn or grassed area information so we can respond and send you a quotation.