Seed on Earth Wellington Lawn Care

Seed on Earth Wellington has applied a blanket of wood fiber mulch.

These instructions will explain how this innovative product works and what you need to do to ensure the growth of beautiful new grass.

The use of innovative hydromulch makes grass establishment easy because the seed fertiliser and mulch are kept in place. After 24 hours, which allows the glues to set, all you have to do is water it.

THE LAWN'S FIRST 21 DAYS ARE IMPORTANT to Keep the lawn moist at all times preferably by frequent light sprinklings. However, if this is not possible soak the lawn for 30 minutes or until runoff is detected.
This watering process should be repeated twice a day (early morning and evening) every day for the first week, and every other day after until the first cutting. Don't let the lawn dry out. If the germinating seedlings dry out they will die. Watering should be done as required throughout the year.

TIPS FOR WATERING YOUR LAWN  Watering is most effective if done during the early morning when the sunlight cannot cause excessive evaporation. This also provides a reservoir of water for the plant to use during the day. After your lawn becomes established it requires approximately 25mm of water per week. The soil should be soaked through when watered. Water should penetrate at least 150mm into the soil to ensure deep rooting. If you have an automatic irrigation system ring our office for the best settings. Impact sprinklers give the best results.

SEED MAN TIPS If you are on our maintenance program (refer to your quote), we will take care of this for you.
(a) Fertilising your lawn A commercial fertiliser and soil conditioner was applied with your lawn blend.
This initial application of fertiliser will provide the nutrients to give the young grass seedlings a healthy start. Once your lawn is established, you should apply fertiliser monthly. Seed on Earth Wellington can supply fertiliser for your lawn. A high-quality slow-release fertiliser is best.

(b) You are responsible for mowing your lawns Your Seed on Earth Wellington lawn should be mowed as soon as the grass blades are 50 - 75mm high if the ground is firm enough to support your weight and make no heel marks. Subsequent mowing should be on a weekly cycle with a catcher. Do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf surface at any one time. Mower blades should be kept sharp to prevent bruised and torn leaf blades that develop unsightly brown spots. The finished cutting height for your lawn is 40mm. Mowing too low will cause the lawn to lose its uniformity and texture. Mulching mowers or flymos are not recommended.

(c) Weed control  Weeds will appear in your lawn. they come from seeds that have been dormant in the soil or have been carried in by the wind or birds. Use Renovate or Versatile herbicide to treat your lawns for weeds or Seed on Earth Wellington can provide a price to treat your lawn.
NOTE: If applying chemicals, please ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

 (d) Pest control Use Diazanon Prills to control most insect problems. Available from garden centers. Porina Caterpillar, Grass Grub, and Argentine Stem Weevil are the main insect pests in your region, or Seed on Earth Wellington can provide a price to treat your lawn. NOTE: If applying chemicals, please ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

 (e) Lawn diseases There are many factors that may influence the existence of disease on your lawn. Geographical region, moisture, and soil type are several. Use Mancozeb or Thiram fungicide for turf diseases or Seed on Earth Wellington can treat your lawn.
NOTE: If applying chemicals, please ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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