Specialists in hydroseeding and erosion control

Specialists in hydroseeding and erosion control with over 20 years of experience, Seed on Earth's hydroseeding undertakes projects across Wellington and the Kapiti Coast, from road and railway to land reclamation and major civil engineering schemes.

Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a specially mixed slurry comprising water, seed, wood fibre, fertilizer, and eco-friendly binder in a single application. Hydroseeding is used when either the area is too large, inaccessible, or unsuitable for other conventional seeding methods.

RMB Hydroseeding’s techniques cover a wide range of site requirements and conditions and can be undertaken throughout the year.

Stabilizing Banks and Slopes in Wellington

We specialize in difficult revegetation sites utilizing our stabilization/polymer soil bonding medium.  

We can access via snorkel lift, abseiling or run hoses through bush along tracks down hills to a length of up to 150 meters.

We can also use the Canon on our MAN 4 x 4 Truck to shoot across difficult to access areas up to 50 meters from the site
We provide a free quotation service.

About SOE

Based within the Wellington region, Seed on Earth Wellington know the local conditions well and can recommend the best solutions for each individual case. Our experienced team pride themselves on producing the best results for our customers.

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