New City Green Spoces

A park that's tolerant of children, dogs, and ball games

The days of signs saying 'Keep off the grass' are long gone. Green spaces are there to be used and enjoyed, which means they need a degree of wear-tolerance.

Keeping maintenance costs down

From municipalities, the cost of maintenance of public spaces is crucial. The less often you have to mow your turf, the better. And you certainly don't want to have to water it. These are all arguments in favor of mixtures that are slow-growing and drought-tolerant.

Go pesticide and fungicide-free

Pesticides and public spaces do not go well together. For a park that never needs spraying, choose grass mixtures that are dense, persistent, and disease-resistant.

What is a grassed waterway?

Grassed waterways are constructed graded channels that are seeded to grass or other suitable vegetation. The vegetation slows the water and the grassed waterway conveys the water to a stable outlet at a non-erosive velocity.

How it helps the land Grass or permanent vegetation established in waterways protects the soil from concentrated flows. Grassed waterways significantly reduce gully erosion.

Where the practice applies Grassed waterways should be used where gully erosion is a problem. The most common areas are in draws between hills, and other low-lying areas on slopes where water concentrates as it runs off a field.

Grassed waterways may also be used to convey runoff from terraces, diversions, or other sources of water concentrations to a stable outlet.

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