Lawn Maintenance

Our After Care Lawn Services

For aftercare of your lawn from fully qualified lawn experts.
Our weed control & fertilisation service is a professional lawn treatment program for all domestic and commercial lawns. Regular visits throughout the year means that you'll enjoy a thicker, greener, weed-free lawn. Call us now by phone ((04) 293 4114) or send us an email and we will send one of our experts to visit your property, check the condition of your lawn, talk to you about our service and organise a quote for you.

Our Weed And Feed Service

Our weed control & fertilisation services include individual controls - available for as little as $65 each visit.
Our fully qualified Lawn Care Managers will visit your property three months and apply individual lawn care controls to keep your grass happy and healthy.
Investing In A Perfect Lawn with our Lawn Maintenance Services.

Lawn Maintenance helps your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy. We understand a lawn isn't just grass - it's an investment. An investment of not only time and money, but also of dreams and memories. Of course, you want your lawn to look perfect. Lawn Doctor Lawn Maintenance Services help your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy, helping you achieve the perfect lawn you've always wanted.
The Primary Focal Points Of Our Lawn Maintenance Programs:

Lawn Fertilization - organic, biological activators for improved nutrient uptake for the grassroots
Micro granular Feeding - to promote thick, vibrant lawns
Broadleaf Weed control - over 100 common weeds (i.e. prickles, buttercups, clover, etc).
Pre-emergent Weed Control - helps prevent intrusion of grass weeds like Paspalum
Pest Control - prevents bugs and other grass destroying insects

Lawn maintenance applied by your Seed on Earth Wellington professionals provides lawn maintenance services that help keep your grass green and lush, eliminating clover or dandelions and preventing crabgrass from appearing. A healthy lawn also helps keep out disease. Your local Lawn Doctor Lawn Maintenance Professionals can tailor a lawn care approach for your yard based on their knowledge of the specific area, considering everything from climate to average rainfall rates.
Custom Lawn Maintenance Services

Because our lawn maintenance services are designed to fulfill the needs of your specific lawn and yard, there is no exact timeframe in which lawn maintenance treatments must be applied. We don't base your lawn maintenance program on a one-size-fits-all standard. However, typical lawn maintenance services call for four to six applications per year.

Our lawn maintenance equipment is extremely efficient - capable of applying lawn fertilizer and treating every inch of your lawn. Lawn Maintenance Tips
Since Seed on Earth Wellington can't monitor your lawn all the time, check out our Lawn Care Tips to help keep your yard healthy every day.

The Seed on Earth Wellington Lawn Maintenance Guarantee

If any one of our Lawn Lawn Maintenance Applications does not achieve satisfactory results, simply tell us. As your local lawn and turf company, we'll either return and reapply that lawn maintenance application at no additional charge or refund the full cost of your last lawn care application.
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Based within the Wellington region, Seed on Earth Wellington know the local conditions well and can recommend the best solutions for each individual case. Our experienced team pride themselves on producing the best results for our customers.

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